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My son couldn't be happier! Honestly at first I wasn't so sure only because my son has never been in daycare before but this was the best decision I've ever made. A lot of daycares will not take special needs children but here it's their specialty. Ever since he started back in July my son has become more mobile and has a regular bowel movement now. My son is in a wheelchair has some mobility issues/difficulties but can get around with help. The nurses are so caring and loving; my son has developed favoritism towards two of the nurses there. He's on his best behavior when he's with them. They do so much for him by the time we get home he has to take a nap which he never did before. I love the fact my son is happy when I pick him up unlike when I pick him up from school. He sometimes doesn't want to leave. They make sure he eats and keep me up to date throughout the day if there is any issues. Love this place!!!!

Cassondra C.

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