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Our Services

The services at Kidz Kingdom PDHC were created with your child’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about our services.

Nursing Services

Our nurses are licensed Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. They are trained in CPR and Advanced Life Support. Below is a list of some of the nursing services given at Kidz Kingdom:  

  • Vital Checks and Nursing Assessments

  • Medication Administration

  • G-Tube Management

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Seizure Monitoring

  • Respiratory Monitoring and Treatment

    • Including Oxygen Therapy

  • Medical care will be provided according to the child’s needs and by doctor's orders

  • Child can continue with their ongoing therapy and services at Kidz Kingdom


Other Services

School Bus
Fresh Produce

Daily Services

  • Low Child to Staff Ratio

  • Social Skills

  • Instructional Time

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Motor Skills Activities

  • Circle Time

  • Online Schooling Assistance

Kidz Kingdom uses Brightwheel to communicate with parents as well as to check-in and check-out the children to our facility daily.

After School Program

Our after school program allows for medically fragile children to have a space where they can have their medical needs met after school and during school breaks. Parents are able to communicate with their child's school to arrange transportation to our center. Many of our school age kids get dropped off by their school's bus. ​

Meals & Snacks

We work with a registered dietician as well as with your child's doctor to ensure your child is receiving proper nutrition. We serve two meals a day with snacks given throughout the day.

Music Class
Image by Mieke Campbell
Community Garden

Music Therapy

We have a music therapist that comes to Kidz Kingdom every week. Music therapy allows for the children to relax and develop a healthy way to express themselves emotionally. They are also able to become more creative and active while engaging with their peers.

Sensory Integration Room

Our state-of-the-art room provides the latest technology to help medically fragile children develop. It provides appropriate sensory stimulation in a controlled environment.

Community Outings

Here at Kidz Kingdom, we will plan trips throughout the year for your kids. Many of our past trips have been to the Long Beach Aquarium, the Los Angeles Zoo, a petting zoo, and the pumpkin patch.

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